Class 09 – Online game and virtual communities (2017B)


  • Online game
  • Virtual environment
  • Social media


  • A review of the Chinese Gold Farmers and eSports




LoL Esports

Hong Kong Esports

Chinese Gold Farmers trailer

NSA Spying on online games

eSports documentary trailer

eSport in Hong Kong



Class 08 – Game design workshop 2 (2017B)


  • Conceptualisation
  • Ideas of flow in game


  • 2nd game design workshop
  • Construct the main story line along the dramatic arc.
  • Identify the core gameplay mechanism

Game specification

Examples (from Game Design Workshop, Tracy Fullerton)

  • WarCraft: Players build and move units on a map in real time with the intent of opposing units in combat and destroying them.
  • Monopoly: Players buy and improve properties with the goal of charging rent to other players who land on them in the course of play.
  • Diablo: Players battle monsters, seek treasure, and explore dungeons in an attempts to amass wealth and become more powerful.
  • Super Mario Bros: Player controls Mario (or Luigi), making him walk, run, and jump, while avoiding traps, overcoming obstacles, and gathering treasure.


Latest grouping information (2017B)

The American Dream

  1. Matthew Shiflet
  2. Bell Lam
  3. Gary Kam
  4. Aaron Kwok
  5. Harry Jones
  6. Yu Lok Hin

Project World War Z

  1. Kwan Wai Chung
  2. Yip Tai Yu
  3. Cheung Chi Cheung
  4. Wong Tsz Shing, Shingson
  5. Yung Man Ho
  6. Tsang Chun Ho
  7. Au Cheuk Yin Jason

The Yellows

  1. Chan Ka Man, Carmen
  2. Kwok Ka Wai
  3. Chan Ka Yi
  4. Wong Tsz Wa
  5. Cheung Tze Wai
  6. Chan Ka Wai, Winnie
  7. Liu Kwok Kwan

Hungry Game

  1. Chiu Hiu Fung
  2. Cheng Shing Hong
  3. Dong Yi Ping
  4. Tang Lai Man, Amanda
  5. Lau Wing Fung

Brave Heart

  1. Liu Ziang Chen
  2. Gong Qing Yi, Lesley
  3. Li Ze Qian
  4. Gu En Hao

Wilson & BB

  1. Chan Wing Chin, Renee
  2. Lam Hoi Yiu
  3. Kwong Ka Kit
  4. Lau Chi Shing
  5. Lam Kai Fu, Kelvin

Grandma Saves the World

  1. Lau Chi Chung, Marco
  2. So Tsz Kwan, Zoe
  3. Zeng Ke Xin, Cosine
  4. Chim Ka Yee, Kelly
  5. Lam Chun Kit, Jacky
  6. So Ka Wai










Class 07 – Space in videogames (2017B)


  • Defining space in videogames
  • Virtual space


  • Space adventure in campus




Situationist International

Augmented reality game

Presentation file



Grouping information – 2017B

The following students are not in any existing groups yet.

  1. Au Cheuk Yin, Jason
  2. Chan Ka Wai, Winnie
  3. Lam Kai Fu, Kelvin
  4. Liu Kwok Kwan
  5. So Ka Wai
  6. Tsang Chun Ho, Tom
  7. Yu Lok Hin

Please join with your friends or be arranged in another group. Thanks.


Class 06 – Games and narratives (2017B)


  • Storytelling and narrative studies
  • Interactivity in cinema and games
  • Narrative in game


  • Storytelling in film and game (Tomb Raider)


Identify the important player character in your former game design document.


  • Directly tell us something about this character.
  • What does s/he look like?
  • What does s/he do in the game story?
  • What does s/he usually say in the game story?
  • What do other characters say about him/her?
  • What does his/her attitude towards events in the game story?
  • What does s/he want in the game story?
  • What is his/her need?
  • What is his/her usual feeling?
  • What is his/her usual reaction to other characters?
  • What type of player will identify with your character?
  • Name a well known game, film, TV character or celebrity who shares similar characteristics with your main character.

Archetypes of character in folklore – Vladimir Propp

  1. Villain
  2. Dispatcher
  3. Helper
  4. Princess
  5. Donor
  6. Hero
  7. False hero

Reading material

Video reference

Tender Loving Care trailer



Presentation file



Class 05 – Art Game & Game Art (2017B)


  • Game elements in contemporary art
  • Dada and Fluxus
  • Demoscene



Video reference

Games as fine art

About Dada

Reunion concert (2010)


Moleman 2 – Demoscene

Presentation file