We have the following assignments for the course.

Discussion report & class exercises 20%
Students summarize the class and online discussions. The report will be assessed on the ability to offer innovative ideas, inspire constructive discussion, and address problems.

Design documentation and proposal (group) 20%
Each group of students prepares a game proposal that describes the features of your game. The documentation will be evaluated according to the clarity of communication, innovation of ideas, visual aesthetics, and consistency. In the coming class on 27 or 28 Nov 2019, each group will conduct a short presentation of their ideas.

Here is a template of the game proposal.

Due date: 30 or 31 Oct 2019

Critical report on art game/game art (individual) 30%
Write a report on the topic: Art Game/Game Art. Elaborate and analyze the ideas of videogame and art with reference to the examples from the lecture or in the course website. The report will be in 1,000 words. Please also provide bibliography and reference to the information quoted.

The report will assess the students’ ability to first select an existing game that critically address some social, cultural issues, and second analyze the issues that the game address and how they can critically reflect on similar scenarios in the students’ encounter with the videogame play experience.

Rubric and grade expectation

  • F – pure copy and paste from wikipedia or other online sources
  • C – Met basic requirements with only description of a game and with very few opinions/arguments, and unrelated to the context of art game/game art
  • B – Exceeded basic requirements with substantial supported opinions/arguments to discuss the issues within the context of art game/game art
  • A – Far exceeded basic requirements with innovative opinions/arguments to discuss the issues and provided strong academic references to support every single argument

Due date: 16 or 17 Oct 2019

Project presentation (group) 30%
The project will be assessed on the innovation, media aesthetics, player engagement and the effectiveness of presentation. Each student will also submit an individual reflection report.

Each group will present the final game in appropriate format, such as Powerpoint with a live demonstration, within 20 minutes. The demonstration will be video recorded.

The individual reflection report will be in around 500 words. Students can document your roles and contributions in the game design project and reflect on what you have learnt in the course.

The individual report is submitted through Moodle through the link of Individual Reflection Report, in Microsoft Word file format.

Due date: 27 or 28 Nov 2019