This is the course website of a General Education course, Videogames and Arts, in the Hong Kong Baptist University. The course codes are: GDCV1845 and GDSS1845.

Course aims and description
The course aims to provide an introduction to the study of games, videogames as an art form in particular, as well as understanding games as a business, a cultural phenomenon and a technological invention. The game design process will be introduced as a way to enhance problem solving skills and creativity. Students will be required to design a new game using the principles learnt in class and at the same time to address social issues that related to their everyday life experience.

In the course, students will learn about gaming theory (ludology) and the ways it applies to videogames, and as well as the fields of art, business and technology about videogames. Studies in visual arts and media design elaborate the aesthetics of audio and visual content in videogames. Contemporary art often employs game and play in general as popular media and creative strategies. Interactive art and design in the digital era often displays game like characteristics. In business and technology, research and development in videogame products has direct and significant influence in the design of our daily experience with electronic appliances and computing devices. Besides the big budget game titles, independent game production becomes more feasible with the proliferation of online social media and mobile platforms. To understand the themes of videogame titles within the current social context and the consumption of videogames as popular culture, qualitative research methods from social science will be essential to enable the learning. The inter-disciplinary study of videogames in the art context will provide students an alternative perspective to understand the gaming experience they are familiar with.

The course covers the aesthetics of games in the areas of genres, graphics, storytelling, gaming theory, interactivity, and contemporary social issues. Upon completion of the course, students will be prepared to reflect upon their own daily gaming practices from more critical and creative perspectives.