Class details

Day of week: Monday
Time: 12:30 – 15:20
Venue: CVA209

Weekly schedule

Week 1 (15 Jan)
Class introduction
Short history of video game and development

Week 2 (22 Jan)
Computer technology in video game
Interactive media and interactive art

Week 3 (29 Jan)
Formal analysis of play and game
Aesthetics of game play

Week 4 (05 Feb)
Game design workshop 1
Game proposal document

Week 5 (12 Feb)
Game in art
Use of game elements in contemporary art
Art game report

Week 6 (26 Feb)
Narrative studies in game
Dramatic elements of video game

Week 7 (05 Mar)
Video game and space
Space exploration exercise

Week 8 (12 Mar)
Game design workshop 2
Game specification and documentation

Week 9 (19 Mar)
Online game and social media
Identity in virtual world
Art report due

Week 10 (26 Mar)
Simulation game
Artificial intelligence and artificial life
Game proposal due

Week 11 (09 Apr)
Cultural and social impacts of video games
Counter-culture in video games
Play test sessions

Week 12 (16 Apr)
Future development in video game
Technology showcases of game interaction
Play test sessions

Week 13 (23 Apr)
Final presentation
Discussion and future directions