Class 05 – Game and Art


  • Game elements in contemporary art
  • Pop art
  • Demoscene



Video reference


Write a critical report on the topic of Art Game, with examples and elaboration from the examples covered in class or the website. Describe WHAT the game is. Identify the social and cultural context of the game. Explain WHY the artist created the game. Analyze HOW the game achieve its objectives. Can you apply similar ideas in games you have played?

The length of the report is around 800 words. You can include screenshots of the game. Due date is 25 Nov, 2013.

Presentation material


Class 04 – Game design workshop 1


  • Conceptualization
  • Paper prototyping


Divide the class into 6 groups. Each group will have 6 to 7 members. Each member jot down a memorable event in the last few weeks. The event can be a film, TV program, comic, book, dating, etc. We are going to discuss the gaming elements of the event for the game design workshop.


  • Exquisite Corpse exercise with words taken from the preparation phase. Identify the best sentence from each group.
  • Mind map exercise with the identified sentence from last phase.
  • Generate game ideas from the mind map with focus on the formal elements of game.

Formal elements of a game

  • Players
  • Objectives
  • Procedures
  • Rules
  • Resources
  • Conflict
  • Boundaries
  • Outcome

Points you can consider

  • Define each player’s goal.
  • What does a player need to do to win?
  • What is the single most important type of action in the game?
  • Describe how this functions.
  • Outline the procedures and rules.
  • Focus on the most critical rules. Leave other rules until later.
  • Map out how a typical turn works.
  • How many players can play the game?
  • How do the players interact with each other?



Class 02 – Interactivity

Lecture topics

  • Computer technology in game
  • Video games as art
  • Interactive art


  • Study the details of the tic-tac-toe game
  • Identify the winning strategies
  • Re-design a ‘better’ version of the game


Reading material

Pearce, Celia, Games as Art: The Aesthetics of Play, Visual Language: Special Issue on Fluxus, January 2006.

Presentation file