Class 12 – Final presentation (2015B)

Please prepare a short presentation and a live demonstration of your game, in 20 minutes.

Presentation order link.



Class 11 – Social issues in games (2015B)


  • Common issues of gaming
  • Positive use of videogames
  • Identity in gaming


  • Presentation of the game proposal.
  • List out common social and cultural impacts of videogames and identify any influences on your personal life.


Classcraft video introduction


Class 10 – Game and Simulation (2015B)


  • Computer simulation
  • Simulation games
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Artificial life
  • Social agenda in Sims


  • Game proposal presentation
  • Social media game



Sims 4 trailer

Eliza chatbot

Game of life

Art and Artificial Life

Jon McCormack


Griebel, Thaddeus, Self-Portrayal in a Simulated Life: Projecting Personality and Values in The Sims 2. Game Studies Journal, volume 6 issue 1, December 2006.

Class 09 – Online game and communities (2015B)


  • Online game
  • Virtual environment
  • Social media


  • A review of the Chinese Gold Farmers and eSports




LoL Esports

Hong Kong Esports

Chinese Gold Farmers trailer

NSA Spying on online games

eSports documentary trailer

A social media usage report from Digital Jungle

Class 08 – Design workshop 2 (2015B)


  • Conceptualisation
  • Ideas of flow in game


  • 2nd game design workshop
  • Construct the main story line along the dramatic arc.
  • Identify the core gameplay mechanism

Examples (from Game Design Workshop, Tracy Fullerton)

  • WarCraft: Players build and move units on a map in real time with the intent of opposing units in combat and destroying them.
  • Monopoly: Players buy and improve properties with the goal of charging rent to other players who land on them in the course of play.
  • Diablo: Players battle monsters, seek treasure, and explore dungeons in an attempts to amass wealth and become more powerful.
  • Super Mario Bros: Player controls Mario (or Luigi), making him walk, run, and jump, while avoiding traps, overcoming obstacles, and gathering treasure.



Class 06 – Storytelling and games (2015B)


  • Storytelling and narrative studies
  • Interactivity in cinema and games
  • Narrative in game


  • Storytelling in film and game (Tomb Raider)


Identify the important player character in your former game design document.


  • Directly tell us something about this character.
  • What does s/he look like?
  • What does s/he do in the game story?
  • What does s/he usually say in the game story?
  • What do other characters say about him/her?
  • What does his/her attitude towards events in the game story?
  • What does s/he want in the game story?
  • What is his/her need?
  • What is his/her usual feeling?
  • What is his/her usual reaction to other characters?
  • What type of player will identify with your character?
  • Name a well known game, film, TV character or celebrity who shares similar characteristics with your main character.


Reading material

Video reference

Tender Loving Care trailer



Presentation file