Class 03 – Formal elements in game (2019A)


  • Systems of games
  • Formal elements of games

The formal elements of game

  • Players
  • Objectives
  • Procedures/steps
  • Rules
  • Resources
  • Conflicts
  • Boundaries
  • Outcome


  • Study the details of the tic-tac-toe game
  • Re-design another version of the game.
  • Consider extending the game, in terms of space, rules, players, steps, etc.


  • Studies of the mixed reality game – Can you see me now? by Blast Theory. Present the reasons why you consider it as a game and as a piece of artwork.
  • Submit your short writings in class or send email to in digital format




Class 02 – Interactive technology and Games (2019A)


  • Computing technology in games
  • Video game genre
  • Non-linear narrated film
  • Visual art, media art, interactive art & video games as art


  • In groups of 4 – 6 people, present your one of your favourite game, describe to class what game it is, and your experience on playing it

Presentation Slides