Class 13 – Final presentation (2017B)

Each group will have 15 minutes for presentation and demonstration. Please keep your time. The other groups have to fill in an evaluation form for your peer students.

Group 1
Let it burn

Group 2
Industrial revolution

Group 3
Project world war Z

Group 4

Group 5
Brave heart v1.0

Group 6
Space adventure

Group 7
Grandma saves the world

Please upload your individual report through Moodle before midnight today (23 April 2018).

Class 12 – Videogames and future technologies (2017B)


  • Human computer interaction
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Physical computing
  • Embodied interaction
  • Game development tools


  • Play test your game
  • Observation


iBeacon game in Hong Kong

Necomimi Cat Ears game

Scratch game programming