Class 08 – Game Design Workshop 2 (2014B)


  • Conceptualisation
  • Ideas of flow in game


  • 2nd game design workshop


  • Psychological – audience’s fears and desires
  • Symbolic – standing for larger ideas, such as religious, democratic ideals
  • Representative – a specific group of people
  • Historic – real figures in history
  • What they say?
  • What they do?
  • What they look like?
  • What others say about them?
  • Traits and personality
  • What does the character want?
  • What does the character need?
  • What does the audience/player hope?
  • What does the audience/player fear?

Dramatic arc

Dramatic conflict

  • Character versus character
  • Character versus nature
  • Character versus machine
  • Character versus self
  • Character versus society
  • Character versus fate
  • Player versus player
  • Player versus game system
  • Player versus multiple players
  • Team versus team



Plot, dramatic arc

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