First Class Grouping and Excercising

Here are your first class grouping lists and the gaming practice we’ve done together that day, enjoy:)

Group 5 – Four-Tune


Group 4 – 24

Dear group 4 students, it seems that you haven’t given us back your exercise practice, would you have any record of the related sources of the game you’ve designed? if so would you please post them in here or if not please leave some comments for describing it roughly again, thank you:)


Group 3 – Free D Tic Tac Toe


Group 2 – Quadrangular Relationship


Group 1 – The Cube


2 Replies to “First Class Grouping and Excercising”

  1. The name of our game is called. It can be played by two people. To play this game, we need to prepare a 4 times 4 table. Also, each player has 13 cards, from 1 to 13 respectively.
    The aim of our game is to calculate 24 with adding, subtraction, multiplication, division by using 4 numbers. First, one player need to select one card randomly. Then, the player will put it on one of the squares. The other player also select one card randomly and put it on other square. By repeating these processes, players compete with each other and try to calculate 24 as fast as possible. However, the four numbers chosen must be connected. To increase the difficulty, we can limit the time for calculation.

    Here is one of the example.

    12 4

    The numbers in red color are chosen by the first player. And the numbers in blue color are chosen by the other player. In this case, the second player will win the game, since (12-8)*5+4=24.

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